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Czechia Around in a nutshell

  • Get all the info you need on this website to plan your indipendent trip. It's for free!
  • Jump on a bike and enjoy every amazing sight that Czechia has to offer!
  • Collect stamps along the way and become an Hall of Famer
  • If you wish, travel with peace of mind with our paid logistic support.
western loop

Western Loop


northern loop


southern loop

Southern Loop


eastern loop

Eastern Loop


Get inspired

Unofficial video by the Bohemian Cyclist

What "Czechia Around" loop you would like us to develop next?!

Where next?

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Mapping, scouting and designing new loops is a lot of work so we appreciate any help

"Czechia Around" is for every kind of cyclist

Regular Stages

Regular stages are designed for avid cyclists who love to ride every cm of the loop. They are long and on many different kind of terrains. Sometimes specific sections of the route need good sense of orientation and love for maps. E-bikes strongly recommended for occasional cyclists.

Shorter Variants

Shorter variants are designed for more casual cyclists and families and combine bike and train and the easiest terrain when possible. If trains allow us we like to design two shorter versions: one slightly longer for those wh owould like to challenge themselves and one much shorter for those who want to play it safe.

Road Bike Stages

Road Bike stage are designed specifically for racing bikes so are normally long as the regular stages or more and they follow small back roads with good asphalt as much as possible. Easy gravel or patched asphalt sections are present from time to time when unavoidable but for real short distances.

Czechia is hilly and in order to fully enjoy the project we recommend to casual cyclists to use an e-bike. 

In general, loops are suitable for e-bikes | touring | XC mtb |  gravel bikes. Road bikes have a dedicated route.

Follow the signs!

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czechia around

Follow the signs!

(maps or gps)

czechia around

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czechia around

Community contribution

We try to  keep the project running well but only with your help we can make it perfect! Help us keeping an eye on the 3000+ km of loops reporting eventual issues on the dedicated comment section you will find in each stage page.

Feel free to use our forum to connect with other cyclists.  Finding travel friends to share the trip with, sell your bike or ask for tips about which bike packing bags you like the most are just few ideas.

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biko adventures

“Czechia Around” is brought to you by a bunch of avid cyclists from Prague who have worked in the bike industry for the last 10 years. The headquarters is located in the BIKO Adventures shop. There you can find all you need to fully enjoy this incredible adventure: maps, booklet for checkpoint stamps, manuals, t-shirts etc.

Support the project

If you enjoyed riding around Czechia thanks to our project please consider supporting it with a free donation which will be used to cover the cost of running such a complex operation.