Central Loop "BIKEWORKX"- Overview

An amazing loop that connects 8 Unesco sites

while riding through towns and villages and the typical Czech countryside

The CeskOOkolo Central Loop was created thanks to the kind support of

10 stages that will take you through incredible Unesco sites like Kutna Hora, Zelena Hora, Litomysl, Olomouc, Kromeriz, all while crossing the amazing Czech countryside and connect Prague and Brno.

It is  a perfect loop for families and group of friends that would like to share an adventure together but don’t want something too hard. For occasional riders we still recommend e-bikes (or you can shorten the stages when possible by using public transport as we recommend in each dedicated stage page).

If you are afraid that it will be too hard, you can check our logistic support options.

Duration: 10 stages + 1 optional

Recommended time to go: April to October

Mileage & gain

Full version

Total distance: 788 km / Average distance 78 km a day

Total gain: 7198 mt circa cca / Average gain 720 mt a day

Longest stage: Stage 5 – 105 km

Highest climb: Stage 8 – 1200 mt cca

Shorter version*:

Total distance: 358 km circa /Average distance 36 km a day

Total gain: 3465 mt circa / Average gain 346 mt a day

Longest stage: Stage 4 – 58 km

Highest climb: Stage 4 – 602 mt

Road Bike:

Total distance: 769 km circa /Average distance 77 km a day

Total gain: 7485 mt circa / Average gain 750 mt a day

Longest stage: Stage 5 – 101 km

Highest climb: Stage 8 – 1100 mt

When calculating the shorter version mileage, we didn’t take into consideration those stages that can be skipped completely by train (stage 1,3,8 and 10).

We included the minimum amount possible of km that would allow you to enjoy a stage plus some train support. If you skip them, the loop could be much shorter.


Kutna Hora

Historical Town Centre with the Church of St Barbara and the Cathedral of Our Lady at Sedlec.

Zelená Hora

Pilgrimage Church of St John of Nepomuk, the most unusual work by the great architect Santini.


Litomyšl Castle, an outstanding example of an arcaded Renaissance country residence.


Holy Trinity Column, the most outstanding example of a type of monument specific to central Europe.


The gardens and castle of Kroměříž are an exceptional example of a European Baroque princely residence and its gardens.


Discover a city with an authentic atmosphere. Remarkable places, delicious food, extraordinary experiences.


The ensemble of the Jewish Quarter, the old Jewish cemetery and the Basilica of St Procopius in Třebíč are reminders of the co-existence of Jewish and Christian cultures from the Middle Ages to the 20th century.


The Historic Centre of Telč features a triangular market square surrounded by Renaissance and Baroque burgher houses with facades that are characterized by a great diversity.


A labyrinth of medieval streets, monumental city walls, and a fascinating history. You’ll find all this in the South Bohemian city of Tábor, founded in the 15th century, where everyone is equal.

Start planning

Disclaimer: Please keep in mind that although we try to keep an eye on all the loops and constantly update them also with the help of municipalities, You might still find last minute detours and unpredictable hazards on the way. So when riding Cesko Okolo you are doing it under your full responsibility 

Tips for dividing the trip

If the loop is too long and you would like to divide it in sections using trains, here are some tips

Ride stage 1 to 3

Prague – Pdoebrady – Kutna H. – Zdar.

Exit point: Zdar Nad Sazavou

Direct train from/to Prague & Brno

Once ready, go back by train to Zdar n. S. and continue the adventure.

Ride stage 4 to 5

Zdar – Litomysl – Olomouc

Exit point: Olomouc

Direct train from/to Prague & Brno

Once ready, go back by train to Olomouc and continue the adventure.

Ride stage 6 to 7

Olomouc – Kromeriz – Brno

Exit point: Brno

Direct train from/to Prague

Once ready, go back by train to Brno and continue the adventure.

Ride stage 8 to 10

Brno – Trebic – Telc – Tabor

Exit point: Tabor

Direct train from/to Prague

In the maps below you can see all the direct train options

Departure from Prague

Departure from Brno

Would you like a little help with you trip

and travel with peace of mind? We can offer you...

Daily luggage transfer from hotel to hotel

Luggage transfer + accommodation + coordinator

Private guided fully supported bike holiday​

Support the project

If you enjoyed riding around Czechia thanks to our project please consider supporting it with a free donation which will be used to cover the cost of running such a complex operation.

The Central Loop is brought to you by

Bikeworkx is a traditional Czech brand with a long history of focusing on products that ensure bike maintenance in all conditions.

Find out more at www.bikeworkx.eu

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