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Czech Around is brought to you by a bunch of avid bikers

Dear cyclist, my name is Filippo. I am originally from Italy but I have been living in the Czech Republic for a very long time. I was riding around Europe when I fell in love with my wife and the country. So I moved and 10 years ago we founded the first real incoming cycling tour agency in the country. We started with mtb, road bike and touring bike day trips around Prague and after a few years we ended up running multi-day bike holidays around the world.

Since 2011, when we started, it has been a great ride until… the Corona virus. As everybody in the tourism industry we got badly hit by it but we didn’t sit and wait until life would get back to normal. Having plenty of time at hand, we took the chance to implement something we wanted to do for long time. Make something great for locals using our expertise. That’s how ceskOOkolo was born. Me, Denisa and our team cycled every cm of our country and are now happy to put all our knowledge at your disposal. 

Have a great trip!

Czech Around HQ

Czech Around (ceskOOkolo in Czech) headquarters is located in BIKO Adventures shop. There you can find all you need to fully enjoy this incredible adventure: maps, booklet for checkpoint stamps, manuals, t-shirts etc


  • Vratislavova 58/3, 12800 Praha
  • Opening hours: From May to September every day except Monday. 9 am – 1 pm / 3 pm – 7 pm

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